Safety Marketplace

Keeping your creativity Safe

High Protection for your funds and your personal info is top priority at Freelansy. This platform is based on keeping everyone safe & secured. Whether you are seller or buyer, your personal, financial and professional information is being kept safe. We never share your information with anyone ever. We holds the fund unless the job has been completed by the seller so both “buyer & seller” are on win-win situation.

Hire With Trust

When buyers look for a freelancer to get their work done, they first search for a trustful seller. At Freelansy, all our sellers are authenticated before they can post a job offer (gig). This way, buyers will find in the privileged position of hiring a trustful freelancer. We focus on quality so you can hire talented freelancers with trust.

Sell With confidence

Being a seller, you are our ambassador and you represent Freelansy. We have got your back by implementing certain checks to keep selling process smooth and fool proof. Verify of your “Seller account” is automatic for 24 hours, you will be able to post job offers (gigs) and send custom job offers to the buyers against their job requests.

Reputation Makes It Easy

We believe in transparency and thats why we brought a reputation system for both buyers and sellers. Sellers get rating after they deliver work to buyers other buyers can see their rating and feedback. Not only rating but sellers also have 3 user levels, each of them have different level of trust and reputation. On the other hand sellers leave feedback to buyers as well after job is done.

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