In this millennial era, have you ever heard about freelance?

Freelance or freelancer has meaning of people who work independently with no boundaries, you can work in any place and any time as long as in a corridor of contract agreed between freelancer and client. Freelancer can choose their own project that fits them best. In other word, you are the boss of yourself.


Normal work hour for common worker mostly 8 to 5 or in other word is 40hours/weeks. But freelancer has no limit of working time. Being freelancer means you can work in the day or night, it doesnt matter. Even some people do their freelancing while they are on travelling. Is freelance only for them who have no job? No, freelance can be side job too for common worker who needs extra money since I told you before that you can do it without any limitation and even it wont interfere your main job. So do not worry too much.


So what to do to start your life as freelancer?

  1. 1. Learn about what the freelancing that needs a huge demand and give you high paying.
  2. 2. Start from small project first. You just cant shoot the big project from your first experience.Practice makes perfect, right?
  3. 3. Take your time and do your best for every project that your clients give. Gain their trust.
  4. 4. Dont be lazy to improve your skill, so you can gain any field of freelancing area.
  5. 5. Be ready. Your passive income will be your main income.

So are you sure you dont want to join the freelancer community?

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