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In this millennial era, have you ever heard about freelance?

Freelance or freelancer has meaning of people who work independently with no boundaries, you can work in any place and any time as long as in a corridor of contract agreed between freelancer and client. Freelancer can choose their own project that fits them best. In other word, you are the boss of yourself.  ...
January 19, 2020

Safety Marketplace

Keeping your creativity Safe High Protection for your funds and your personal info is top priority at Freelansy. This platform is based on keeping everyone safe & secured. Whether you are seller or buyer, your personal, financial and professional information is being kept safe. We never share your information with anyone ever. We holds the...
August 9, 2018

About Us

What is Freelansy? – Get Behind The Scene An Overview: Freelansy a brand new player in the market and it’s daring you to join a fresh and bold team which is willing to break all the boundaries. From really small fees to unlimited ways of finding new buyers or skilled freelancers, Freelansy will also be a...
August 9, 2018